Do You Feel Pain With Sedation Dentistry?

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Do you have dental anxiety or sensitivity?

Sedation dentistry can give you freedom. It will take away pain, give you peace of mind, and even make dentistry a little fun!


We’ll tell you in this blog post, where you’ll find out:

  • If sedation dentistry is painful
  • The right sedation option for you
  • How sedation can shield you from dental problems and unnecessary expenses

Do you feel pain when sedated?

Short answer: No.

The longer answer:

We offer three different levels of sedation dentistry to make sure you’re comfortable and pain-free during your appointment.

1. Mild Sedation: Laughing Gas

Laughing gas has been tested for hundreds of years. You’ll simply breathe it in, and you’ll suddenly feel:

  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Sedated
  • And even euphoric

If you have mild anxiety, these sensations make dental procedures much easier. Plus, the laughing gas will leave your body minutes after your appointment. You can even drive yourself home.

2. Moderation Sedation: Oral Conscious

Oral sedation is quick and easy because it just involves swallowing a pill that Dr. Eric Satterlee prescribes. You’ll swallow it before the appointment.

It can:

  • Make you deeply relaxed and even drowsy
  • Cause you to slur your words but still follow instructions
  • Help you forget what happened during your appointment

Your dentist will go over any prescriptions you have, along with your medical history, to prescribe the safest oral sedative for you.

3. Deep Sedation: IV

This is where a patient might ask, does sedation dentistry hurt? IV sedation does require a needle, but it’s only a slight pinch.

Afterward, you’ll feel:

  • Extremely relaxed
  • Comfortable during any procedure, even if you have sensitive teeth or gums
  • Virtually feel no pain

You might also forget the details of your appointment afterward.

Most general dentists don’t offer IV sedation because you have to be licensed to administer it.


Dr. Satterlee is licensed in IV sedation to keep you safe and give you an added boost to feel at ease during your visit.

So if oral sedation or laughing gas is too mild for you, let’s discuss IV sedation.

Prevent major dental problems

Does sedation dentistry really work? Absolutely. It may be the next step in your health journey.

And it can help you prevent future dental problems.

Relieved from dental anxiety, you’ll feel empowered to have regular checkups—and that’s where we catch problems when they’re small, such as:

  • Cavities when they’re still microscopic
  • Possible wisdom teeth challenges
  • Signs of oral cancer

We’ll make your teeth and gums feel amazing and look great. We’ll clean up bacteria, keep it under control, and help you build amazing oral hygiene habits.

So, if anxiety makes you avoid dental exams, ask us about sedation dentistry—for any procedure, even checkups.

This might even save you money!

It’s much cheaper to get a tiny filling today than a bigger filling or a root canal later.

At Crafted Dentistry of Fort Mill, we want your overall health to be as great as possible. And sedation dentistry will make it easy (and enjoyable) to visit the dentist.

Schedule a sedation dentistry visit with our Fort Mill dentist

Whether you need a regular checkup or a complex procedure, request sedation dentistry—or ask a family member to contact us about it.

Sedation will help you get the dental and overall health you need. Eat better, save money in the long run, and feel more confident in social situations.

If you’re in the area of Fort Mill… opens in a new window to Google Maps…, Rock Hill, or Tega Cay, contact us and finally break free from dental anxiety.

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